Managing Director - Ireland and Scotland

Phone: +353 (0) 1 657 3420

Peter is our Managing Director for Ireland and Scotland. Prior to joining us, he held senior management positions in the Enel Group and the Danish Headquartered, VKR-Holding, whose specialise in advanced façade systems and solar thermal energy. During these roles, Peter has worked in global markets spanning Europe, APAC and Norther America. A mechanical engineer by training, Peter also holds a Master’s degree in Energy and Management from Dublin’s, Technological University.

Peter’s areas of specialism include demand side, value stacking, energy arbitrage, project financing, advanced control systems and sustainable building design.

Latest thinking

Low carbon generation

Through the dark: Transformation for community energy

Community energy generation in Ireland is currently at a nascent stage, but developments in 2019 could see it become a major player in energy generation. Most community energy funding is spent on energy efficiency rather than energy generation. Our research indicates that there is as little as 6MW of community-owned...

Energy storage and flexibility

Wind Of Change: What’s this, more RESS talk!

There’s no shortage of speculation regarding the upcoming Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) auctions, however, we should spare a thought for our friends in Eirgrid who own the challenge of operating this relatively highly dominated renewable energy saturated system. This challenge is getting tougher, with the forecasted additional wind and...

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