Senior Modelling Consultant

Phone: +44 (0) 1603 542150

Tom is a Senior Modelling Consultant at Cornwall Insight, with nine years’ experience in the market. His role involves focusing on regulation, network charging, balancing services, the wholesale market and the Capacity Market.

Tom has been a member of the BSC panel since 2016, and is interested in making the electricity industry more transparent and increase the availability of data to encourage the transition to net zero. He has been a member of the workgroups developing project TERRE, balancing reform, Network Access reform and BSUoS reform.

Key projects and experience include:

  • strategy development for generators
  • transactional support for developers
  • a report on credit and collateral across the GB energy markets
  • wholesale market forecasts
  • capacity market forecasts
  • balancing services revenue forecasts

Tom has used agent based simulations, monte-carlo methods and business models to successfully deliver projects to customers. Tom has experience using C#, Unity, Plexos, Access, SQL, PowerBI and Excel.

Tom has appeared in national newspapers and national news programs discussing Capacity Market results, the 9 August 2019 blackout and nuclear power.

Latest thinking

Low carbon generation

Through the dark: Transformation for community energy

Community energy generation in Ireland is currently at a nascent stage, but developments in 2019 could see it become a major player in energy generation. Most community energy funding is spent on energy efficiency rather than energy generation. Our research indicates that there is as little as 6MW of community-owned...

Commercial and market outlook

COVID-19 virus and the GB energy sector webinar

This webinar explores our take on the emerging disruptions to the electricity and gas markets as COVID-19 tightens its grip on the UK. We highlight how the struggles of consumers in managing the virus has already caused unintended consequences for suppliers. Also, how these consequences could develop in the coming weeks...

Low carbon generation

Power demand in Lockdown – Initial COVID-19 impact on the power market

The power and gas systems are mirror images of the wider economy, entering practically every aspect of work and leisure. They naturally face challenges as a result of the effects of the COVID-19 virus on the way we work, travel and live. Electricity demand has reported to have fallen in...

Low carbon generation

Editor’s Pick | The green shoots of the Capacity Market auctions

A pivotal year for the Capacity Market (CM) draws to a close, with the first long-term auctions for capacity since 2018. But for once the CM is the least interesting thing happening in the market, and the scheme itself seems out of step with the net zero future. In this Energy...

Low carbon generation

Clarity on Capacity Market renewable ratings, but gap in government policy remains

On 7 January, National Grid ESO published its consultation on the new de-rating factor methodology to be used for renewables participating in the Capacity Market (CM). The document forms a key part of the five-year review of the CM, for which a government call for evidence was published in August 2018.   In previous...

Low carbon generation

Red Dead Redemption – T-1 CRM competition

Despite historical oversupply in the Irish and Northern Irish electricity generation market (14.9GW relative to a peak demand of approximately 7GW), a sharp tightening could happen soon, and ironically because of measures designed to support security margins. The catalyst for this is the upcoming Capacity Remuneration Market (CRM) auction, which...

Low carbon generation

Are you gonna go my way? | SEMC consults on changes to T-4 capacity auction

On 14 May the SEM Committee (SEMC) published a consultation on the Capacity Renumeration Mechanism (CRM) focusing on interim arrangements, updating auction design and specific parameters for the first T-4 auction for capacity year 2022-23. It is an important document for potential bidders into the March 2019 auction as, if...

Energy storage and flexibility

What the T-1 auction does and doesn’t tell us about the upcoming T-4 auction

The T-1 Capacity Market (CM) auction cleared on Thursday 1 February 2018 in round 14 at £6/kW. 5.78GW of capacity won an agreement for delivery year 2018-19 at an estimated cost for the consumer of £34mn. This is the second one-year ahead auction that has cleared lower than expectations; what does this...

Low carbon generation

Capacity Remuneration Mechanism in Ireland

Energy Spectrum Ireland comment On 20 December 2017 EirGrid and SONI published the provisional Capacity Auction results for the 2018-19 Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM) T-1 auction, held on the 15th December 2017. Subject to approval the Regulatory Authorities, the final results at a Capacity Market Unit level will be published...