Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure forum

The ‘Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure forum’ provides you with an in-depth understanding of the news in the wider electric vehicle (EV) space. The EV sector is dynamic and fast-paced, and keeping on top of all the latest developments can be a daunting process. This is why our forum focuses on all the policy, regulatory and market/economic matters helping you keep on top of the issues.

Common themes of the forum include smart and managed charging, electricity, transport and environmental policy and regulation, investment in charging infrastructure and battery manufacture, fleet updates and research, and automotive sector developments. Our experts will share their thoughts and analysis on the main topics of the day, allowing you to to stay informed on the key opportunities, challenges and issues and assess what this means for your business.

Guest speakers are regularly invited to present on special topics of relevance to attendees; previous speakers included Office for Low Emission Vehicles, National Grid, Upside Energy, Zouk Capital and Ohme.

This forum will give you a platform to ask questions to our EV experts as well as our guest industry speakers such as government bodies and charge point companies. Additionally, you will be able to connect with other like-minded businesses.

Benefits of attending

  • help identify opportunity and risks
  • discuss thoughts on policy, regulatory and market developments
  • engage with industry experts

Who is it for?

  • network owners
  • investors
  • legal firms
  • automotive
  • fleet and leasing companies
  • charge point operators and manufacturers
  • government and regulatory bodies
  • energy suppliers
  • storage and flexibility providers

Please contact us for more information training@cornwall-insight.com