Energy markets spectrum briefing

We recognise we are in the midst of the low-carbon energy transition, where there are unprecedented levels of regulatory and policy changes. At Cornwall Insight Australia, we facilitate the transfer of information and share our knowledge of the energy market with you to help you navigate the transition to low-carbon future.

Our briefings are especially useful for busy professionals that struggle to find time to read all the Energy Market reports. We have a pool of experts living and breathing every development, who recognise the need to find innovative ways to debrief the information fluidly and frequently to the busy professionals in the industry. This advisory series has already received large amounts of positive feedback,and we hope this new format will facilitate the information flow you need within your organisation and will serve as an enabler to keep everyone abreast of the continuous changes.

By registering to our Monthly Energy Spectrum briefs as a non-subscriber, you will receive access to the webinar recording, slide deck presented and copies of the three selected articles from Energy Spectrum that will be discussed. These will be sent to you after registration and before the briefing. You will also be provided with the topic and charts from our monthly Energy Spectrum perspective piece.

You are encouraged to submit questions you would like answered either in the webinar or sent to our experts beforehand. The Energy Spectrum monthly webinar is designed to review, discuss and analyse in detail the major and most pressing issues facing the energy sector during the month and allow you to interact and ask questions of our market sector specialists.

These briefings are free for for all Energy Spectrum Australia customers.

For more information, or to speak to one of our experts, please email or call +61 406 238 023

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