Financing net zero

The ‘Financing net zero forum’ provides you with an in-depth understanding of the latest developments on funding decarbonisation and other energy-related projects. The forum covers the key opportunities and challenges for investors of renewable projects, allowing you to discuss the latest issues that may affect you.

The forum provides the investor community with a platform to exchange information and views, and to discuss common issues and concerns affecting energy policy, regulation and financing, which is informed by our independent and objective analysis and insight.

Our experts will take you through the very latest regulatory, policy, market and industry news, so you can rest assured you will not miss a single development.

Each monthly forum will feature a spotlight presentation by one of Cornwall Insight’s industry experts. They will dive deep into a specific theme sharing their analysis on what the impacts may mean for the investor community. Topics that will be evaluated include; subsidy-free and corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs), electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy storage, heat and hydrogen, the financing transition for energy infrastructure maturing from PFI/PPP schemes (such as energy-from-waste) and investment considerations for future policy instruments.

The ‘Financing net zero forum’ keeps you informed of the critical issues and helps you evaluate the opportunities and challenges involved in funding decarbonisation and related topics in the UK and abroad.

The format is interactive, allowing you to engage with Cornwall Insight experts. You will be able to ask any questions you may have to the experts. There is also space for you to be able to network with leading players in the sector.

Benefits of attending

  • understand the key regulatory and policy developments affecting energy investment
  • evaluate technology bankability
  • assess country risk
  • discuss different business models and revenue streams
  • exchange information and views with other investors
  • discover new energy infrastructure assets

Who is it for?

  • investors

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