Green generators group

The ‘Green generators group’ is a monthly forum which provides you with a compact session that covers a wide range of policy, regulatory and market news. The meeting offers a platform to gain information on current and upcoming changes that could bring about risks or opportunities for your business.

As a renewables generator or investor, your task is more complicated than most. Not only do you have to keep track of the latest developments impacting your business, but you are also expected to do so with limited resources. The ‘Green generators group’ provides you with a platform to connect with other businesses in a similar situation and ask questions to Cornwall Insight’s experts as well as industry speakers.

Our experts will guide you through complex issues of the day and how they may affect your business. This information, combined with insight and analysis, allows you to make more informed strategic decisions.

The platform provides you with a regular opportunity to air concerns and gauge the views of other attendees, as well as space for you to network with leading players in this sector.

As a part of the green generator group membership, you will also receive timely alerts from our analysts following important market announcements.

Benefits of attending

  • keep up to date with market developments
  • opportunity to ask questions to experts and industry speakers
  • networking

Who is it for?

  • independent generators
  • owners, operators and investors of green generation assets

Please contact us for more information