Non-domestic energy supplier forum

The ‘Non-domestic energy supplier forum’ hosts monthly meetings aimed at highlighting fundamental market changes that could have a material impact for small and medium suppliers. The forum seeks to address the needs and concerns of its members, with our experts guiding them through each development and what it may mean for them.

Regulation and policy in the energy sector are always evolving, and it is vital that you, as a supplier, keep abreast of all these changes. The forum is a great platform to hear the latest issues of the month, so you can ensure you do not miss anything that might affect your business.

Every forum focuses on two hot topics; these are chosen by our members and are the most important developments of that month. Our guest speakers shed light on these issues supporting the discussion. You can share your feedback and views and ask any questions to both our experts or any of our guest speakers.

Guest speakers are regularly invited to present on particular topics of relevance to attendees; previous speakers included Ofgem, BEIS and Citizens Advice.

The forum gives you a regular opportunity to air concerns and gauge views from other attendees, as well as space to network with leading players in this sector.

Benefits of attending

  • understand the key regulatory and policy developments in the energy sector
  • exchange information and views with other independent suppliers
  • gain direct access to Ofgem, government and code administrators to examine developments in detail

Who is it for?

  • small and medium suppliers

Please contact us for more information