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Charlotte looks after Cornwall Insight’s public relations. She builds brand awareness within the wider market giving our experts a platform to share their analysis and views on current market trends.

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  • Media Mentions

    Power Engineering International | UK corporate supply chains look to renewables to reduce emissions

    Research from our 'TPI Satisfaction Survey' featured in Power Engineering International. The survey found a growing interest in renewable electricity amongst businesses and Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) in the UK. Molly Lloyd Senior Analyst at Cornwall Insight explained that despite Despite the challenging year for businesses, we recorded a growing interest...

  • Media Mentions

    Bloomberg | U.K. Utilities to Raise Energy Bills in Winter for Millions

    Our thoughts on the rise to the default tariff price cap were quoted by Bloomberg Quint. Ofgem increased its price cap to a record level. The new level of 1,277 pounds comes in to effect in October and will run through March for customers on standard variable tariffs. Craig Lowrey...

  • Media Mentions

    Fleet News | 17 electric vehicle charging tariffs

    Our research on the number of electric vehicle (EV) tariffs featured in Fleet News. Research showed around 17 EV tariffs are available, with some of the tariffs still in testing phases and not available to all customers. On top of this number, there are 11 Time of Use (ToU) EV...

  • Media Mentions

    Energy News Live | Merchant onshore wind is ‘unviable and will not lead to mass capacity’

    Our insight paper on the viability of merchant finance in onshore wind was quoted on Energy News Live. Fully merchant onshore wind is unviable to most investors and will not lead to mass capacity, with only 7% of those surveyed considering a fully merchant onshore wind project financially viable. Daniel Atzori, Research...

  • Media Mentions

    This is Money | More than a million households have seen their energy firm go bust in the last few years

    Our analysis on the domestic energy market showing 1.7% of domestic energy customers have been rescued by the Supplier of Last Resort process in the last two years, featured in This is Money. The first half of 2021 has already seen 1.5% of customers in the domestic retail market being served...

  • Media Mentions

    Daily Express | Energy price rise warning

    Our predictions on the default tariff price cap rising when Ofgem next looks at it was featured in the Daily Express. Rising wholesale energy and commodity prices are set to increase the cap by at least another £100. Commenting on the prediction Craig Lowrey Senior Consultant at Cornwall Insight said...

  • Media Mentions

    Energy News Live | Power prices for SMEs climb to record levels

    Our research showing prices rising for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) was featured in Energy News Live. Electricity prices for SMEs reached record highs in the second quarter of the year. Discussing the reasoning behind the significant price rise Molly Lloyd Senior analyst at Cornwall Insight explained the rise in...

  • Media Mentions

    The Guardian | Millions of UK homes face winter energy bill hike of over £110 a year, experts say

    Price cap analysis from Cornwall Insight was showcased in The Guardian. The analysis shows that for the coming winter, the regulator is expected to lift its cap for the average dual-fuel energy bill from £1,138 a year to £1,250 a year. Discussing the reason behind the rise, Craig Lowrey said...

  • Media Mentions

    Daily Mail | Majority of homes are now being supplied by ‘green’ energy firms

    Our research on green energy tariffs and suppliers featured in the Daily Mail. More than three in five households in Britain are now supplied by green energy firms. With 'green' suppliers – those only offering electricity tariffs backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates – rocketed from less than...

  • Media Mentions

    Power Engineering International | UK’s pace for new-build renewables not fit for 2050 net-zero target

    The current market and options available for new-build renewables are inadequate to keep the UK on track to meet its net-zero target commented Tim Dixon Team Lead at Cornwall Insight in Power Engineering International. Our research shows a rate of subsidy-free Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) and utility Power Purchase...

  • Media Mentions

    Renewable Energy Magazine | Electricity policy costs disincentivise the household transition to low carbon technologies

    Our insight paper Who pays for supporting the net zero transition? was highlighted in Renewable Energy Magazine. The insight paper highlights that the application of policy costs onto the electricity bill is a significant disincentive to electrify and transition to newer low-carbon heating technologies. Dan Starman Lead Consultant at Cornwall...

  • Media Mentions

    PV Europe | 48.9GW of new renewables projects currently in the scoping stages

    Our research that shows Renewables projects labelled as “scoping” currently represents 50% or 48.9GW of the total viable pipeline capacity featured in PV Europe. Of this 48.9GW "scoping" total, 38.6GW is from offshore wind, 5.0GW from battery projects, 3.0GW from onshore wind and 1.5GW from solar PV. This Lucy Dolton...

  • Media Mentions

    Daily Mail | Energy bills predicted to surge later in the year with price cap likely to rise by at least £100 thanks to higher wholesale costs

    Our latest price cap prediction was highlighted in the Daily Mail today. The energy price cap is likely to increase by more than £100 with the new level being around £1,250 per year for the winter 2021 cap. Explaining why we are likely to see such a large rise Craig...

  • Media Mentions

    The Scottish Sun | The future of Scottish manufacturing is looking bright according to TV dragon Shaf Rasul

    Cornwall Insight's renewable pipeline analysis featured in The Scottish Sun today. Our 'Renewables pipeline tracker', the majority of districts across the UK have shown a total increase in the capacity for the accommodation of renewable energy onshore in the last year. Central and Southern Scotland in particular shows a notable...

  • Media Mentions

    Current+ | REGO prices jump 50% higher than January as power prices head towards pre-pandemic levels

    Research from our Green certificate survey was featured on Current +. The research showed renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) prices have jumped 50% higher than they were in January 2021, as market sentiment remains broadly positive. Discussing the research Luke Ansell Analyst at Cornwall Insight explained that for Fuel...

  • Media Mentions

    PV Europe | Half of EVs still eligible for Plug-in Car Grant

    Our analysis showing that despite the reduction to the Plug-in Car Grant a large majority of EVs still qualify for the grant featured in PV Europe. Although this is the case, there was clearly some concerns about the effect of the reduction, with the latest figures from the Society of...

  • Media Mentions

    Daily Express | Sturgeon crushed as SNP struggle with economic case for independence

    James Brabben Wholesale Manager at Cornwall Insight was quoted in the Daily Express discussing renewable energy in Scotland. He explained there may be issues on the energy agenda Scottish politicians would like to control, but that might not be possible because policies are made elsewhere. Discussing the Contracts for Difference...

  • Media Mentions

    Energy Global | Renewable energy PPAs remain competitive

    Energy Global featured our PPA survey research which shows the power purchase agreement (PPA) market for renewable assets continues to be highly competitive. In fact, the PPA market for renewable generation assets has seen a significant rise in the £/MWh value achieved by generators, particularly in the short-term market (deals...

  • Media Mentions

    Ends Report | UK emissions trading scheme ‘could face rapid price spike’

    Laura Woolsey Analyst at Cornwall Insight commented on the UK emissions trading scheme UK ETS in Ends report. Laura discussed the concerns that the cost of the UK’s carbon emissions trading allowances could increase dramatically when auctions begin and possibly requiring government intervention. The UK has initially set its emissions...

  • Media Mentions

    Electrical Reviews | London sees decrease in renewable pipeline capacity, Scotland soars

    Research from Cornwall Insight showing London has suffered a small net decrease in renewable pipeline capacity, featured in Electrical Review. The region was the only one in the UK to see a net decrease, estimated to be around 5 MW. Commenting on the decrease Laura Woolsey, Analyst at Cornwall Insight...

  • Media Mentions

    Renews | Scotland renewables pipeline grows by 1GW

    Cornwall Insight's research showing Scotland has seen the largest increase in renewable pipeline capacity in the past year of all regions across Great Britain was highlighted in renews today. Central and southern Scotland and eastern England have seen the largest increase with 1003MW and 800MW of additional pipeline capacity added,...

  • Media Mentions

    The Daily Telegraph | French power play exposes UK’s reliance on electricity imports

    Tom Edwards was quoted in The Daily Telegraph about the interconnection between France and the UK. Discussing if the UK could cope if France cut off its interconnection supply Tom said that while we could cope it would be more expensive. However, Tom explained that Brexit has already made power...

  • Media Mentions

    The Independent | UK’s net zero push undermined by energy grid that holds back renewables

    Tom Edwards Modelling Consultant at Cornwall Insight was quoted in The Independent discussing the energy grid and how it is holding back the transition to net zero. There is a need for change according to Tom. Network charging arrangements were built in the 1990s when it was thought we were...

  • Media Mentions

    The Guardian | Storm Bella helps Great Britain set new record for wind power generation

    Due to Storm Bella, on Boxing Day, more than half of the country’s daily electricity came from wind turbines. However, the reliability of wind energy is a concern. Our research shows that the electricity system operator increased its reliance on gas-fired power plants by 20% in September compared with the...

  • Media Mentions

    Current | Flexibility demand to ‘gather pace’ as grid decarbonises

    More than 1.3GW of flexibility may be required across the UK’s electricity grid next year. Especially, as the country accelerates the transition to renewable energy. We predict that the dynamic service, which supports the network during faults, will need 636MW of flexibility by 2021. Distributed network operator (DNO) Western Power Distribution...

  • Media Mentions

    Smart Energy International | TPIs revenues fall by 18% due to COVID-19

    Third-party Intermediaries (TPIs) have seen a decrease in growth in both the Small and Medium Enterprise and Industrial & Commercial sectors. This is due to COVID-19 and market uncertainty, according to our 'TPI in the business and industrial supply markets' report. The decrease in revenue was partly due to the...

  • Media Mentions

    Reuters | Vehicle charging in Valhalla: a heroic power struggle

    A study by Britain’s car lobby group in September estimated Britain alone will need 2.8 million public chargers by 2035. This will be at a cost of 16.7 billion pounds ($22.07 billion) versus less than 20,000 today. Jacob Briggs commented that the cost of connecting charging station depends on the...

  • Media Mentions

    reNEWS | Survey reveals UK support for renewable energy tariffs

    Our latest research has revealed that 38% of UK consumers claim to have renewable energy tariffs for their homes. Additionally, just over half (51%) expect to choose these the next time they change tariff.  In partnership with Alpha Real Capital, the survey found 26% of respondents are prepared to pay...

  • Media Mentions

    Business Green | Energy white paper: The green economy reacts

    The government has today finally published its long-awaited Energy White Paper. It sets out the vision for building a zero emission energy system featuring ambitious plans to scale up renewables. Commenting on the government's release of the Energy White Paper, Gareth Miller, CEO of Cornwall Insight, said:  The Energy White Paper maps out the biggest change to the...

  • Media Mentions

    PV Magazine | Cornwall Insight advises Still Waters Green Technology for its 30MW flagship battery storage project

    We are pleased to announce that we have advised Still Waters Green Technology (SWGT) to secure the £12m non-recourse Phase One Financial Close with Santander UK. The deal was announced in November and will see a 30MW utility-scale battery storage project built in Swindon. We are delighted to have advised...

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