Commercial and market outlook

Our energy publications distil and analyse the energy sector’s important elements in a concise and accessible manner. They allow you to stay ahead of market developments and gain a unique insight into their potential impacts.

Not only do we focus on the here and now, but also what a future energy system could look like to achieve our net zero targets. Our energy publications cut through the complexity and allow their readers to understand the evolving trends and potential developments of a rapidly evolving sector. To deliver this insight, we assess the developments for new innovative technologies around the globe with dedicated publications covering the Irish and Australian market as well as the pan-European market.

The publications are written clearly and concisely so readers can digest the key elements quickly. Unique independent ‘Energy Perspectives’ discuss the commercial implications of a strategic sector issue. Our market-leading experts develop this in-depth feature and analysis content. In addition, we assess all the sectors for relevant news in policy, regulation, industry and markets so you can continue to inform your business and to ensure you are always kept up to date. Our insight is available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We can also help distinguish your company from your competitors and provide your colleagues and customers with valuable insight into the energy industry. Our expert team of researchers, analysts and writers can create a publication tailored to your exact requirements. Whatever you want to achieve, we can make it happen, saving you time while minimising cost and stress.

Commercial and market outlook

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    Energy market executive summary

    Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘Energy market executive summary’ is designed for key stakeholders involved in the energy sector, including executives, board members, managers, retailers, investors, generators, and networks. The ‘Energy market executive summary’ provides a high-level assessment of key energy market announcements from the last month. Our experts breakdown each development...

  • > Commercial and market outlook

    Energy market perspective

    Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘Energy market perspective’ (EMP) is designed for key stakeholders involved in the energy sector, including bankers, developers, investors, financiers and other key energy industry players. The ‘Energy market perspective’ service gives stakeholders the need-to-know information to make the right investment decisions. The National Electricity Market (NEM) is...

  • > Net zero corporates and ESG

    Energy net zero

    Energy net zero, provides news and insight into domestic and international energy market transformation to help deliver net zero energy targets. As market structures evolve to accommodate countries progress towards zero carbon emissions, Energy net zero plots the progress and trajectory of these key market developments to identify the opportunities...

  • > Commercial and market outlook

    Energy Spectrum Ireland

    Energy Spectrum Ireland distils the essential elements of sectoral issues in a concise and accessible manner so that you can stay ahead of developments. This regular publication and news service covers all key market, regulatory, policy and transactional developments in the Irish and Northern Irish energy sectors. The energy market...

  • > Low carbon generation

    German market study

    The 'German market study' provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of Germany's energy sector. The service offers granular market analysis for the electricity and gas sectors. This will help support you when looking for the most profitable opportunity for your business. Our experts analyse Germany's full value chain from production...

  • > Low carbon generation

    Italian market study

    The 'Italian market study' gives you a comprehensive introduction to the market. This overview of Italy's energy sector will allow you to quickly understand the opportunities available in the Italian market, helping inform your business strategy. So you fully understand how Italy's market is designed, and it functions, our experts...

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    White label and bespoke content

    Our 'White label and bespoke content' service provides you with high-quality content tailored to your tone of voice and delivered to a deadline that suits you. With competition in the energy and water markets increasing, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and our tailored content solutions allow...