Net zero corporates and ESG

The UK government is about to transform the country by setting out its plans to deliver a net zero emissions economy by 2050. Energy will be at the forefront of this transition as we build on renewables rollout. Many businesses have bigger ambitions to go further and faster. Manufacturing and refineries alone represent approximately 16% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, so industrial heat decarbonisation is a key net zero priority. Significant public and private investment will need to be available for the decarbonisation of industrial clusters.

But how will business start or continue their journey, where will investment come from, and how will the new policy framework drive the decisions they face? Our range of products for net zero corporates covering Environmental Social Governance (ESG) can help larger businesses address these critical questions.

Our publications and forums provide insight and analysis for business and public sector organisations looking to decarbonise their power, heat and transport needs. These services keep our clients up to date with the latest policy and regulatory changes, outlining the implications for their roles and organisations, including coverage of technological developments and their anticipated impact as well as changing policies as they evolve both in the UK and worldwide.

What is more, our products provide insight into recent and relevant developments in the energy sector. They assess how these will impact your business, helping to understand how regulatory and policy changes will affect your organisation’s energy bill and enable learning about new energy decarbonisation areas. Our services can also help you understand your roles and responsibilities in energy and carbon reporting and disclosure.

Net zero corporates and ESG

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    Alerts services (electricity or gas)

    The 'Alerts services' for both the electricity and gas markets provide you with an overview of industry developments that you and your business should be aware of. You can subscribe to either gas, electricity or both 'Alert services'. Each alert provides you with a timely update of any changes to...

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    Energy net zero

    Energy net zero, provides news and insight into domestic and international energy market transformation to help deliver net zero energy targets. As market structures evolve to accommodate countries progress towards zero carbon emissions, Energy net zero plots the progress and trajectory of these key market developments to identify the opportunities...

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    German market study

    The 'German market study' provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of Germany's energy sector. The service offers granular market analysis for the electricity and gas sectors. This will help support you when looking for the most profitable opportunity for your business. Our experts analyse Germany's full value chain from production...

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    Italian market study

    The 'Italian market study' gives you a comprehensive introduction to the market. This overview of Italy's energy sector will allow you to quickly understand the opportunities available in the Italian market, helping inform your business strategy. So you fully understand how Italy's market is designed, and it functions, our experts...

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    Policy and regulations service

    Cornwall Insight’s ‘Policy and regulations service’ is designed to help your business keep track of all open consultations and understand the relevance; enabling you to navigate, understand and form a fitting response to help bring about any policy and regulatory change. The service has been designed to help your business...

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    Market alerts service

    ‘Market alerts’ service is designed for asset developers and owners, retailers, generators, regulators, policymakers, investors, and other energy stakeholders. The alerts are published on an ad-hoc basis and sent to customers as soon as possible after major regulatory and market developments, including rule changes in Australia. In addition, subscribers have...