5-Year power price projector

As part of our expanding coverage of wholesale price forecasting and modelling we have developed the 5-year Power Price Projector. Taken from our long-term model of the GB market we provide a five-year price forecast, under our central forecast scenario, of quarterly baseload power and related commodity prices.

The Cornwall Insight ‘5-year power price projection’ service is designed to provide foresight of potential market price developments and to enable customers to plan activities and budgets accordingly.

The 5-year power price projection provides the same level of exceptional quality and insight given in our long-term ‘Benchmark power curve service’, but over a shorter timescale specifically designed for organisations looking to assess activity in the coming years.


The Cornwall Insight ‘5-year power price projection’ service provides subscribers with the ability to understand the trajectory of power prices beyond the horizon of the forward curve and integrate these assumptions into budgeting, trading, and business decisions. A quarterly report is issued with an accompanying excel workbook to cover key data on market fundamentals, gas and carbon market forecasts.

In-depth scenario modelling
At the heart of our analysis are scenarios developed to highlight uncertainties around the future evolution of the market. The scenarios draw on our industry leading ‘Benchmark Power curve service’ which forecasts the power market out to 2050, and tracks commodity fundamentals such as gas, coal and carbon.

Fundamentals analysis
In addition to the power price projection, we will provide transparent data on the fundamentals that show how supply, demand and the generation mix is likely to change over the coming five years.

Concise quarterly updates
The service is designed to provide a detailed, yet concise summary for customers to understand developments in wholesale power markets, issued through a quarterly report and accompanying data-book.

Key benefits

  • An independent view on your own company assumptions, trusted by the market and built around our long-term modelling assumptions and expert views on power market developments.
  • Easily digestible report and usable workbook allows you to utilise our forecasts directly in business planning and budgeting activities
  • Regular updates to our projections allow you to assess the impacts of policy and regulatory change, commodity price movements and supply and demand fundamentals on the 5-year outlook for power and commodity prices

Who is it for?

  • Investors
  • Generators
  • Suppliers
  • End-users
  • Flexibility providers

Bertie Bagge

Bertie takes care of the ‘5-Year power price projector’.

Phone: +44 (0) 7884 177 274

Email: b.bagge@cornwall-insight.com

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