CfD supplier obligation forecast

Cornwall Insight’s ‘CfD supplier obligation forecast’ projects the cost of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme to suppliers. Published each quarter, the report will help you keep up to date with scheme developments. As well as this the report analyses events that could impact your operating costs and budgets for future years.

The CfD scheme aims to incentivise investments in new low-carbon electricity generation in the UK. It does so, by providing stability and predictability to future revenue streams. A statutory levy on UK-based licensed electricity suppliers funds the scheme which has a material impact on the energy value chain.

Energy production from projects operating under the CfD scheme is growing fast and the cost to suppliers is also set to increase as the new capacity comes online. As a result, it is vital that you are able to manage and predict these costs. Our quarterly forecast gives you a long-term outlook on the CfD scheme projecting costs for five-years, making it an invaluable tool for suppliers and end-users to understand the trajectory of the charges.

The CfD scheme is adding to the cost of electricity supply and as more projects come online, future charges are likely to rise. With the amount of capacity under the scheme set to rise sharply, our five-year forecast will provide you with accurate assessing costs that will filter through to consumer bills.

Key benefits

  • accurately forecasts costs of the scheme
  • understand how and why these charges are applied
  • understand how they may change
  • keep informed about key developments to the CfD scheme

Who is it for?

  • suppliers
  • new market entrants
  • brokers

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