Embedded benefits calculator

The ‘Embedded benefits calculator’ provides you with a simple tool to understand the revenues that arise from avoiding network charges by connecting at lower voltages closer to demand. The model calculates these benefits from a range of projects including intermittent, controllable and flexible technologies. You will receive a spreadsheet model with a simple user interface. This will enable you to tailor the calculator to suit your project’s needs.

Over recent years, the landscape for independent generators has changed vastly. With the reduction of subsidies and embedded benefits and wholesale markets becoming complex and uncertain. Consequently, predicting the potential revenues achievable has become a challenging task. Our calculator helps you tackle this difficult task by not only providing you with the current value of embedded benefits but a projection of the value over the next five years.

As a result of the publication of new prices, Cornwall Insight’s expert team keep the ‘Embedded benefits calculator’ updated throughout the year. The results are presented in a range of formats which are illustrated in £ per annum, £ per MWh and £ Kw. This will enable you to utilise the data in your financial reporting, business cases and PPA comparisons.

Alongside the calculator, you will also receive a primer providing you with a background on costs, charges and benefits that are covered by the model.

Key benefits

  • calculates embedded benefits for a range of projects
  • provides a five-year forecast of embedded benefits with both annual and monthly detail
  • illustrates values in multiple scenarios
  • aids investment decisions, business planning and PPA negotiations

Who is it for?

  • generators
  • investors
  • suppliers
  • developers

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Bertie Bagge

Bertie looks after the ‘Embedded benefits calculator’.

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