Energy market bulletin

The ‘Energy market bulletin’ is a consolidated outlook on market fundamentals that will influence wholesale power and gas prices. It draws together a range of factors influencing the market both locally and internationally, providing a clear understanding of what is happening and why. The service comprises of two products designed to ensure you can stay ahead of the game.

The Great British wholesale energy market is developing rapidly, with changing market fundamentals and increasing exposure to the community and international power markets. It is a fast progressing but often opaque landscape, with a countless number of drivers influencing market values. The ‘Energy market bulletin’ brings transparency to the market, helping you market better investment and contract decisions.

The weekly report details trends, which provide an outlook for wholesale power, gas and international commodity markets in an easily digestible fashion.

The report combines visual data representations of market and commodity pricing allied with a focused interpretation of those dynamics. We also look back on the preceding week’s trading activities and forwards at likely movements in prices and market inputs in the forthcoming week.

A monthly webinar consolidates and builds upon the information covered in the weekly reports and allows you to ask any questions about price trends and their potential impacts. With this knowledge, you can manage your exposure to risk, improve your opportunities to hedge, and increase your visibility into wholesale energy markets.

Key benefits

  • latest news and developments in the wholesale market
  • understand the quantitative shifts and pricing dynamics
  • develop an assessment of the risks
  • facilitate the interpretation of market data

Who is it for?

  • suppliers
  • generators
  • energy users with wholesale exposure

For more information about the report and other similar services, please get in touch with the report author below.

Bertie Bagge

Bertie takes care of the ‘Energy market bulletin’.

Phone: +44 (0) 7884 177 274


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