Italian market study

The ‘Italian market study’ gives you a comprehensive introduction to the market. This overview of Italy’s energy sector will allow you to quickly understand the opportunities available in the Italian market, helping inform your business strategy.

So you fully understand how Italy’s market is designed, and it functions, our experts will take you through its market design. They will guide you through a host of areas including production and generation resources, energy independence as well as EU market integration.

The report analyses the full value chain from production and generators to retailers and consumers. It also evaluates external factors such as politics, policy, macroeconomic conditions and the broader market, identifying key areas of opportunity for investors to enter the market.

The report also investigates opportunities identified in the Italian market, across biogas production, subsidy-free renewables and the current subsidy regime, and small-scale electricity storage.

The ‘Italian market study’ does not just focus on the here and now. Instead, the report gives you a complete view of future developments, including future generation, electrification of transport and heat, allowing you to easily assess the market opportunities available to your business.

We know the market is not static, so as a part of your subscription package you will benefit from bi-annual updates on the study. These updates will cover both the underlying datasets and market activity. Additionally, you will also receive our experts’ analysis of future trends and key opportunities.

Key benefits

  • develop market understanding
  • understand the opportunities available
  • discover key players in the market
  • learn about the subsidies and revenue streams available

Who is it for?

  • equity investors
  • renewable generation and battery developers
  • product developers
  • service operators
  • financial and legal advisers
  • banks

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The Italian market study is looked after by Daniel.

Daniel Atzori

Daniel takes care of the ‘Italian market study’.

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