Long-term ROC forecast

The ‘Long-term ROC forecast’ is a quarterly publication, that provides a forecast of Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) values, Renewable Obligation (RO) targets as well as supplier and consumer costs to 2027.

Understanding the ROC market can be time-consuming due to its complexity. Whether you are the project owner, an investor or a supplier involved in the ROC market, it is crucial that you are able to forecast values, obligations and costs. The ‘Long-term ROC forecast’ does just this, providing a reference point for future Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) values, and knowledge of how the costs of the RO may impact on supply businesses and energy bills to 2027.

Despite being closed to new generators, the ROC market remains a dynamic space as variations in output from renewable technologies, policy and regulatory developments, and electricity demand trends impact upon scheme values every year. The report tracks these variables closely and quantifies how they affect market values.

As a part of the ‘Long-term ROC forecast’ subscription, you will also gain access to our quarterly webinar where our experts will discuss information covered in the reports. The webinar allows you to answer any questions you may have about trends and their potential impacts. This should help to understand the key challenges and opportunities for your business.

Key benefits

  • appropriately and accurately value ROCs in the market, whether you’re a buyer or a seller
  • accurately forecast supplier obligations and costs of the scheme, and appropriately pass through to consumer bills
  • understand and plan for any significant changes to the market that could impact your business

Who is it for?

  • supplier
  • generators
  • investors
  • traders active in the ROC market

For more information about the service and other similar products, please get in touch with the report author below.

Bertie Bagge

Bertie takes care of the ‘Long-term ROC forecast’

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