Route to market service

Cornwall Insight’s ‘Route to market service’ provides an in-depth analysis of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) market for the growing range of asset types in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The service is aimed at asset developers, owners, operators, optimisers, investors and third-party advisors.

Issued every six months, the ‘Route to market service’ provides a benchmark industry view to assist market players in understanding and navigating an often opaque area.

The service is designed to give subscribers a single, comprehensive and commercially critical source of intelligence on contracts that drive asset returns and underwrite new project investments.

The service provides an overview of the market by technology and subsidy, and therefore the opportunities for offtakers to secure new PPAs with generators in development, coming out of subsidy or looking to enter subsidy. It also details the amount of capacity by offtaker that is currently under PPAs.

We also detail key market developments in revenue streams, for generators who want to maximise the value from their assets, benefit from understanding the range of PPA services available in the market and the offtakers who provide these services.

Key benefits

  • Overview of the different revenue streams and market activities provided by offtakers.
  • Provide generators with a valuable source of information to assist their knowledge of offtakers in the market.
  • Understand developments in, and the value of, key revenue streams sought by different asset classes in PPAs.
  • Enable risk and revenue modelling by benchmarking expected revenues against the market for risk, revenue and investment strategies.
  • Providing a view of current and future generation capacity by asset class and subsidy.
  • Assess key market developments that may impact upon generator’s needs.
  • Overview of the competitive landscape, including views on market share and service capabilities, allowing participants to evaluate their standing in the market.
  • A view of the proportion of the market that requires PPAs, i.e. the contestable market.
  • A benchmark for offtakers to validate their understanding of market developments.
  • Stay informed of key changes with a comprehensive compilation of market intelligence from active participants in the PPA market, including price and discount ranges, trends and timelines.

Who is it for?

  • Asset owners and developers
  • Investors
  • Offtakers
  • Optimisers
  • Third-party advisors

For more information about the service and other similar products, please get in touch with the report author below.

Ruth Young

Ruth looks after the ‘Route to market service’

Telephone: +353 (0) 1 657 3420


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