SME pricing analysis (electricity and gas)

The ‘SME pricing analysis’ for both the electricity and gas markets provide you with an evaluation of contract pricing across different suppliers offered by third-party intermediaries (price book information). You can subscribe to either gas, electricity or both pricing analysis.

There is an increasing competition in the small and medium (SME) energy market as business look to grow and sustain their business. These quarterly reports act as an independent reference point for competitive pricing in a very opaque section of the market.

Each quarterly ‘SME pricing analysis’ includes coverage on pricing trends over time, helping you build a picture of overall market trends as well as shifting pricing strategies but individual suppliers.

As a part of your subscription, you will also receive accompanying data covering prices of the contracts available. Each supplier in the market is profiled to help you assess each individual suppliers strategies.

As a non-domestic supplier or third-party intermediary (TPI) understanding your competitors’ offerings is key to securing future contracts. Our expert team carefully monitors not only vital pricing trends but non-price aspects of competition as well. Our reports also detail acquisition and renewal prices for SMEs, giving you this essential insight on your competitors.

Additionally, the pricing information you will also receive a regulatory and market update. This news review will keep you well informed on the latest developments that will affect your business.

Key benefits

  • competitor insight
  • tracks pricing trends
  • help benchmark pricing
  • insight into market developments and news in the SME sector
  • provides a unique window on a very opaque area of competition

Who is it for?

  • suppliers
  • investors

For more information about the report and other similar products, please, get in touch with the report author below.

Emily Matthews

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