Is flexibility evolving? The latest from our customer flexibility event

On Thursday 26th September, Cornwall Insight held its customer flexibility event, presenting a comprehensive overview of our research covering flexibility in the GB electricity sector. The presentations encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from analysis of recent Balancing Mechanism trends to proposed network reforms and progress under Project TERRE.

Our industry experts provided an in-depth view of the market developments impacting flexible assets. While there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding how the landscape for flexibility will evolve, there is also a lot to be excited about. The graphic below offers a high level SWOT analysis based on the main areas covered at the event.

We’ll be providing a comprehensive overview of the research demonstrated at the event in an upcoming edition of Energy Spectrum, but to find out more about any of the points covered, please contact Tim Dixon on 01603 604400 or at

Our new Flexible Asset PPA Market Report provides valuable information to help understand what is being offered across the market, market share of PPA capacity by offtaker, and key developments and analysis of available revenue streams. For more information please click here.