Webinars library

  • Flexibility

    Reserve and response services: accessing and realising flexibility revenues

    The 'Reserve and response services: accessing and realising flexibility' session is part of a series to help you understand the challenges and opportunities to maximise ‘flexibility’ revenue opportunities from storage and generation assets. This 'Market insight webinar' clearly explains what each service entails, how they can be achieved, and conditions...

  • Electric vehicles

    Accessing flexibility revenues with EVs

    The 'Accessing flexibility revenues with EVs' Market Insight webinar, sees our experts detailing how electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging infrastructure can deliver commercial benefits to vehicle owners, charging infrastructure operators, and electricity supply parties through providing services to the electricity sector. Our insights will assist fleet owners and operators,...

  • Power generation and renewables

    Commercial potential of grid forming technologies

    Large integrated electricity transmission systems have relied on multiple thermal generators to provide an underlying level of operational stability, but as we shift to more decentralised and decarbonised systems on the path to a net zero economy, much of that stability is expected to disappear. Power systems are looking to novel approaches...

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