More Than a Feeling: Emerging Trends in the PPA Market

Earlier this year we published a blog exploring the options for imbalance risk allocation within I-SEM Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). In this, we explained that generators would be inclined to pass the full risk of imbalance to offtakers. This was due to their relevant market experience and the need for revenue certainty.

Leading on from this, we have developed a new research report, The Irish PPA Market Report. The report helps subscribers to understand the views of market participants as we move closer to I-SEM go-live. The report provides a benchmark on the range of commercial pricing, types of contracting and key players in the Irish PPA market. It aims to provide clarity on the range of options and strategies currently operating in the market.

As part of our research, we carried out 15 interviews with key stakeholders including lawyers, developers, traders and supply companies. The interviewees were asked a series of questions on their views various areas of the market. It also delved into their expectations of future developments as well.

This week’s blog looks at key trends that have emerged from our research. It explores some of the future trends that may develop in the PPA market ahead of, and following I-SEM go-live.