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Consolidation in the energy market predicted to continue



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Taking charge: the MHHS implementation levy

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Evaluating the benefits of local coordination mechanisms in...

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Low carbon generation

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Introducing the low carbon heat landscape

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  • Home supply and services

    Consolidation in the energy market predicted to continue

    It has been a turbulent time for the retail energy market, experiencing a period of consolidation with mergers and supplier exits. This supplier consolidation is expected to continue in the near term. If suppliers fail to shift their business models for the new world it is likely to continue, according…

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    How can I access my subscription products? You will find all your subscription products in your customer portal. The link to the login page can be found at the top of the website, in the right-hand corner.  Alternatively, please click here: https://portal.cornwall-insight.com/IdaXLogin. If you already have an account, please enter…

Chart of the week

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    GB energy demand is predicted to rise 123% due to electrification

    It is safe to say that most of Great Britain’s (GB) heat and transport systems are from high emission sources that are incompatible with net zero. Decarbonising how we heat our homes and move from A to B is crucial to meeting our emissions targets. However, the biggest challenge associated…

  • Home supply and services

    Green certificate prices continue to rise amid BEIS proposals

    On 16 August, BEIS opened the consultation ‘Designing a framework for transparency of carbon content in energy products’. This call for evidence invites views on whether the use of Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates for annualised renewable energy matching inhibits transparency for consumers, and how the REGO framework could…

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Postcode winners and losers: charging infrastructure provision

    Last month the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its final report on its market study into electric vehicle (EV) charging in the UK. It raised concerns about charge point deployment at motorways, remote locations and on-street locations, stating that access to suitable charging can be a “postcode lottery” and…

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  • Low carbon generation

    Merchant renewables still face challenges

    In light of delayed RESS-2 auctions in Ireland, and the prospect of buying constraints in the next CfD auction (for established technologies) leading to many disappointed developers, the question of whether “merchant” project development is viable will soon be occupying the minds of our customers in both Ireland and Great…

  • Heat networks

    Who pays for supporting the net zero transition

    The costs of decarbonising the power system have mainly been funded through consumers’ electricity bills. In 2020-21 these costs amounted to £10bn with the expectation that support for low carbon generation will continue to be necessary. If we are to maintain a trajectory to net zero carbon emissions at 2050,…

  • Power and gas networks

    Understanding the backdrop of the UK hydrogen economy

    We have compiled this research note on the UK hydrogen economy as a primer for an upcoming series of hydrogen insight papers. We discuss past and current hydrogen support schemes in the UK as well as the bodies that have been established to stimulate a hydrogen economy. We explain various…

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