Chart of the week | Location, location, location: SSE and npower merger

Last November npower and SSE Retail announced the intention to merge. The SSE and npower merger would bring together the second and sixth largest domestic energy companies. On 28 February the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) asked for comments on the proposed merger 

In this Chart of the week, we show our assessment of HHI for electricity supply in the 14 electricity supply regions as of 31 October 2017 for the market as is. We also compare this with SSE and npower combined. In our analysis of market concentration, we use US competition agencies’ interpretation of market conditions. 

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Chart of the week | SoLR process sees largest supplier exit

This January saw the largest supplier exit through Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process. Green Network Energy ceased to trade on 27 January, with Ofgem appointing EDF Energy as SoLR for its 360,000 domestic customers shortly after. On the same day, the regulator announced the exit of Simplicity Energy,...

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Chart of the week | Take on me: market share impacts of domestic supplier trade sales

This week, we look at the market share impacts of recent mergers and acquisitions among domestic energy suppliers. Over the last year, the headline changes saw incumbent suppliers, npower and SSE, exit the domestic supply market with customers going to E.ON UK and Ovo Energy, respectively. The consolidation has resulted...

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Chart of the week | E.ON UK and npower: When 2 become 1

Recent acquisitions are changing the face of the non-domestic supply market according to our Business Market Share Survey for Q220 (with a reporting date of 30 April 2020). In this 'Chart of the week' we look at what the market will be like once the E.ON UK and npower merger...

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Chart of the week | Challenger suppliers: started from the bottom, now we here

We recently published our Domestic Market Share Survey for Q1 2020 (reporting date of 31 January 2020). This week's Chart of the week shows a shake-up of the rankings, unprecedented in the survey to date. Challenger brands now sit among the largest suppliers in the domestic energy market. This is due to...

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Chart of the week | Better together: consolidation in domestic retail

The last 12 months have been a tumultuous time for the domestic retail market and its energy supply. In particular, the high-profile sale of SSE’s domestic supply business to Ovo Energy has radically altered the market landscape. As well as the transfer of npower customers to E.ON UK. This Chart...

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Chart of the week | Suppliers adopt winter weighting to reduce debit balances

Typically, 75% of gas demand and 57% of electricity demand is in the winter months. Over the last two to three years we have seen an increase in the number of suppliers implementing a winter weighting to their direct debit payments, whereby they charge customers more for energy over the...

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Chart of the week | Tariff caps squeeze Big Six profits

In this week's Chart of the Week, we review SSE’s annual results announcement on 22 May. Now, all of the Big Six have either reported or commented on the financial performance of their energy supply operations since the introduction of the default cap at the start of this year. Their comments...

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Chart of the week | The long game – profits from domestic energy supply

Understanding just how profitable domestic supply is has been a long-term concern about the energy market. Since 2009, the Big Six have had to publish separate financial accounts for their generation and supply businesses. These “segmental statements” must be issued no later than four months after the end of their...