Challenges in the domestic propositions market

In this podcast, Retail Manager, Anna Moss and Senior Analyst, Kate Hill defy the challenges of being in lockdown under COVID-19, with multi-locations and persistent cats, to discuss the domestic tariff landscape.

We’re currently in a time of great change. As a result, we’ve seen some significant changes to the wholesale market and the oil price in response to COVID-19. Anna and Kate look at the effects this is having on tariff prices, but we also look more broadly across the market.

Our experts focus on three themes:

  1. Supplier tariff offerings
  2. Impact of wholesale prices
  3. Regulatory intervention

Anna and Kate look at data from 28 February 2020 and highlight the ongoing trends in domestic propositions. This includes the tariff choice for different consumer types, regional variation, tariff types and pricing. Drawing on our Domestic tariff report service, they also explore how the wholesale prices are impacting the Default and Prepayment price caps as well as savings that can be made under the cap. Additionally, they highlight potential impacts on prices if a price cap were to be removed. Stay tuned in to hear about the many different types of tariffs that go beyond the traditional tariff model.

Below is a 90-second extract from our full podcast covering the domestic tariff landscape.

Domestic tariff report

The Domestic tariff report service provides an up to date comparison of domestic competitors across their cheapest tariff propositions. The service consists of a weekly update and monthly report that will help you keep track of the market and benchmark your relative position.

The weekly update tracks suppliers’ cheapest monthly direct debit and prepayment tariffs on the market and as well as tariffs launched/removed since the previous week. The monthly report provides more detailed context, highlighting any critical developments announced during the month and their relevance to the current market. The report also provides analysis, insight and commentary on how the tariff landscape fits into the broader domestic retail market.

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact Kate Hill on 01603 542 136 or

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