Reflections on GB’s smart meter rollout

In our first podcast for 2019, our metering experts Tom Goswell and Rowan Hazell discussed the smart meter rollout.

We considered the obligations on suppliers to take all reasonable steps to install smart meters, the different versions of smart meters and when they can be installed, and the creation of the national smart metering communications infrastructure (The DCC). The different rollout strategies and requirements for domestic and non-domestic suppliers were also highlighted, along with the roles of metering agents.

The podcast also considered the progress of the rollout, the various delays affecting the programme. Our experts discuss the work required to install meters in all households and small businesses to meet the 2020 deadline. Cornwall Insight’s analysis on the need to increase the rate of meter installs to meet this target was considered. Our experts also look at the many industry calls to extend the 2020 deadline.

We also look at the range of benefits that smart metering will provide, including half-hourly settlement and demand shifting. Our experts also assessed the early smart-enabled products and services that were emerging in the market, including smart prepayment offerings and time-of-use tariffs.

Below is a 90-second extract from our full podcast on the smart meter rollout.

Since the podcast, there have been several significant developments in the smart metering programme. The government has consulted on introducing new binding installation targets out until 2024, progress in enrolling meters in the DCC has progressed, and the Cost-Benefit Analysis for the programme has been updated. There is still significant work to be done if the government’s expectations for the programme are to be met.

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