Balancing Service Use of System

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    Power Technology | UK energy balancing charges increase amid Covid-19 lockdown

    Lee Drummee Analyst at Cornwall Insight featured on Power Technology discussing the effects of fall in energy demand, caused by the UK Covid-19 lockdown on the Balancing Mechanism. He explained that the fall in energy demand because of the Covid-19 lockdown was always expected to increase the £/MWh rate of...

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    Network charging could dampen renewables optimism in Northern Scotland

    Northern Scotland is home to a significant proportion of GB renewables, mainly onshore wind capacity. The region is likely to be a leader in new capacity developments too, with 800MW of Remote Island Wind (RIW) projects looking to develop in the Scottish Isles under the Contract for Difference (CfD) scheme....

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    The full potential of the “Western Bootstrap” has yet to be realised

    The Western Link HVDC, aka “Western Bootstrap”, a 2,200MW, £1bn transmission cable was built to help the UK manage the changing nature of energy production. However, since commissioning commenced in December 2017, the cable has experienced its third unplanned outage, with the most recent issue occurring on 6 April. The...