Connected homes

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    Uptake of Time of Use tariffs still low, but set to increase

    Research from Cornwall Insight's 'Connected homes insight service' has found both suppliers and consumers have made tentative steps to explore Time of Use (ToU) tariffs. However, adoption of these tariffs is anecdotally low at the moment, and ambitious innovation and uptake has been held back by slow industry processes and...

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    How to get households involved in grid balancing

    The energy industry has already been looking at how households will be supported in their participation in demand-side services. This area has traditionally been the domain of large commercial customers. However, the current situation of low energy demand and high renewable generation has brought the need for flexible household consumption...

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    Energy connected homes services set for substantial growth

    The market for connected home* devices is set to grow substantially over the next five years. Research from Cornwall Insight’s new Connected Homes Insight Service has identified increasing levels of entry and investment, with rates of entry more than doubling over the last decade. Both start-ups and established companies, including...