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    Oil prices crash causes GB gas and power prices to go into freefall

    Following the impacts of Covid-19 on global demand and oil price disputes between Russia and Saudi Arabia, Brent crude oil prices fell to a 17-year low of below $26/bl on 18 March 2020. The recent crash saw prices record the most significant daily loss since the end of the Gulf...

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    Oil price slump has the potential to lower energy bills

    The price of crude oil has fallen by just over a third since last Thursday ($50/bl) following the apparent collapse of the production sharing deal between OPEC and Russia (OPEC+) due to an inability by the group to agree on a concerted response to the coronavirus outbreak. While there has...

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    Higher energy bills likely due to the Saudi oil attacks

    Confirmation from the Saudi Arabian energy minister that drone strikes had reduced the country’s oil output by around half is set to resonate across the energy markets, raising the prospect of higher energy bills for customers. Early trading today has seen the price of oil increase from $60.22/bl to $71.95/bl...