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    Financial Times | UK energy bills to fall as regulator lowers cap

    Cornwall Insight research into the price cap was featured in the Financial Times. Ofgem announced a £75, or 6 per cent, reduction in a price cap that applies to 11m homes on so-called standard variable or default tariffs. But Cornwall Insight's forecasts predict that if the wholesale prices remained close...

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    Price cap falling but set to rise in April 2020

    Today, Ofgem announced the default price cap would decrease by £75 to £1,179 per year for the six months effective from 1 October 2019. However, this is unlikely to last with Cornwall Insight’s Price Cap Predictor showing the default price cap is set to increase by at least £30 for...

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    Price cap predicted to fall by at least £80/year

    The latest forecasts from Cornwall Insight’s Tariff Cap Predictor – a quarterly report modelling the future default tariff periods – predict the price cap could fall by a significant £83 per year to £1,171 – from its current level of £1,254 – when Ofgem makes its readjustment in August. This...