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    Current | Mutualisation of Renewables Obligation triggered for third year as suppliers struggle to meet payment deadlines

    For the third year in a row, mutualisation of Renewables Obligations (RO) has been triggered according to Ofgem. A number of suppliers failed to make their 2019-20 RO payments by the late payment deadline of 31 October 2020. This lead to a "relevant shortfall" in the clean energy support mechanism....

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    Current | Cornwall Insight warns of risk of RO mutualisation

    The risk of Renewable Obligation (RO) mutualisation has grown, as the supply market continues to be challenging. Currently, there is a potential shortfall in the RO buy-out fund of approximately half of the £16.94 million mutualisation threshold. The shortfall has been created by supplier exits. Although, fewer have left the...

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    Shortfall in Ireland’s 70% renewable target

    The Irish government recently announced that Ireland’s ambitions for tackling climate change would no longer lag behind the rest of Europe, with their commitment to having 70% of all electricity generated coming from renewable sources by 2030. Research from Cornwall Insight Ireland shows that as things currently stand there is...