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    Bloomberg | Electric Cars Move to Center of U.K.’s Fight Against Greenhouse Gases

    Britain is beginning to look at its growing electric vehicle fleet as a way to create jobs and balance the power grid. This moves transport to the center of the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for phasing out of cars fueled entirely by gasoline and...

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    Renewable Energy Magazine | Electricity generation is transforming with net zero, but does power market design need to do the same?

    Issues around the current electricity market design acting as a barrier to investment are explored in our latest insight paper – The net zero paradox: Challenges of designing markets to bring forward low marginal cost resources. Inevitably, as we head closer towards a net zero economy, a significant proportion of the...

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    Energy Global | Hydrogen key for meeting net zero

    National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios (FES), published 27 July, showed hydrogen for heating, transport and clean dispatchable thermal energy playing a pivotal role in three out of the four of its net zero scenarios; Steady progression, Consumer Transformation, System Transformation and Leading the Way. The total energy input needed for...