Renewable Energy Magazine | Analysis of the proposed Irish Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) reveals extra incentive for quick delivery

Cornwall Insight Ireland’s research that shows there is an additional incentive for those who can deliver quicker than December 2022 can earn 1.5 years of additional support from the RESS process featured in Renewable Energy Magazine.

Catherine Edwards, Research Analyst at Cornwall Insight Ireland said if a project developer is confident that they can deliver in time for July 2021, it is possible that this may impact their bidding strategy. If the project could be delivered ahead of schedule, it would receive an additional 18 months of support if the bid was accepted.

This bonus could incentivise developers to bid in lower prices. Ultimately, lower bid prices could negatively impact other projects which could be ‘outbid’ (undercut) by some of these faster build projects, including solar who are betting on an early delivery date. There could be a potential danger for any projects bidding at a low price on the assumption of an extra 1.5 years of support, only to then be unable to deliver their project before the deadline due to circumstances beyond their control.

Catherine Edwards, Research Analyst

Renewable Energy Magazine