Average electric vehicle range exceeds 200 miles

There is a wide misconception that the range of electric vehicles (EVs) remains low. The latest research from Cornwall Insight has revealed that the average range of EVs available on the UK market exceeds 200 miles.

The below graph – based upon data from the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure – compares the range of electric cars and vans by vehicle class against the year they were released.

A chart showing comparison of EV range against year of market release

Tom Lusher Analyst at Cornwall Insight, said:

“Range anxiety is one of the key barriers to EV adoption, but, our latest research, shows that the average range for electric cars stands at around 202 miles. Suggesting that the range offered by electric cars at present is practical for a range of scenarios. The improvement in mileage is due to growing investment and more models being announced by car manufacturers.

“However, the average mileage for electric vans is far lower standing at 125 miles, significantly lower than other EVs. Not only this, but reports have indicated that fully laden vans lose up to 70% of their unloaded range.

“The fleet industry represents a large proportion of the transport industry and the mileage issue has dulled uptake, however, as overall mileage of EVs are improving we are now approaching the point where EVs will make a viable alternative to petrol or diesel.”