Cornwall Insight in the news | December 2019

We are proud that our experts are regularly featured in the media and news stories on a variety of topics across the energy sector. Here are just a few places we have been mentioned this December.

James Brabben, our Wholesale Manager, discussed the recent fall in wholesale gas prices in The Guardian stating that gas market prices have fallen by a fifth since the regulator’s last energy price cut after a mild start to winter and a deluge of gas supplies in the European market.

Our story on the UK recording negative wholesale prices for the first time was used by several publications including Natural Gas World, Electrical Review, Riviera and Smart Energy International. James Brabben said, “While there have been some negative energy price occurrences on the within-day wholesale market, this is the first time day-ahead auction prices have ever fallen below zero.”

Anna Moss discussed the effects of the supplier exits on larger firms in The Times. She spoke about whether they are now making a concerted effort to attract a customer who may be wary of the lesser-known brand.

Cornwall Insight’s thoughts on the National Grid ESO broadening the Balancing Mechanism was mentioned in Current News and PV Magazine.

Our connected homes service was featured in BDaily News, Smart Energy International and  World Energy.

We were featured in AOL, Energy Voice and Evening Express where ED Reed our Head of Training shared his thoughts on the price cap and suppliers exits. He explained that “the price cap is not thought to have much to do with why so many smaller suppliers went out of business in 2019.”

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