Cornwall Insight in the news | November 2019

We are proud that our experts are regularly featured in the media and news stories on a variety of topics across the energy sector. Here are just a few places we have been mentioned this November

Our story on the market share of small and medium energy companies growing featured on the BBC. The research showed that challenger brands now hold a 30% share of the household energy market, up from 18% two years ago. In four years, there could be a 50/50 split between the big six and the challengers.

Senior Modeller Tom Musker was quoted by Riviera on the revised revenue projections by Ørsted. He said the revised revenue projections would have a material impact on Ørsted, particularly for the existing sites where support rates have been fixed in anticipation of higher load factors.

Our thoughts on the late Renewable Obligation payments were featured in Yahoo Finance and AOL.

Research on winter weightings was featured in The Times, BDaily and Electrical Review. Kate Hill Senior analyst said “Suppliers implementing such an uplift tend to be on the smaller size and while some apply the weighting to customers joining at a specific time. This year, most are taking a blanket approach to implementing winter weighting irrespective of when a customer’s tariff began.”

This is Money sourced data from Cornwall Insight on gas prices over the past month. With research showing the price on 6 November is the lowest in this period and looking back at the same time period over the last three years this is still the lowest.

Collecting the back capacity payments could prove tricky according to Lee Drummee. His thoughts on this were sourced on PV Magazine, BDaily and Gas to Power Journal.

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