Cornwall Insight responds to confirmation that Together Energy has acquired Bristol Energy’s residential customers and brand

Commenting on the announcement that Bristol Energy’s customer base has been acquired by Together Energy, Ed Reed, Head of Training at Cornwall Insight, said: 

“It is a turbulent time in the retail energy space at the moment, particularly for municipal backed licensed suppliers as this confirmation has come only days after the announcement that the Robin Hood Energy customer base has been sold to British Gas. However, it is not the end of Council backed supply entities, as several white-label arrangements are still in place. Indeed, Together Energy itself is 50% owned by Warrington Borough Council.

“By acquiring the 155,000 customers, Together Energy will significantly boost its customer book. In the past few years, many suppliers have used this type of strategy to grow, changing the face of the retail landscape significantly in the process.

“It is clear that the deal was made possible due to Together Energy also recently entering into a trading arrangement with Orsted, undoubtedly helping the Clydebank based supplier secure wholesale energy for its newly enlarged customer base.”