Energy Manager Magazine | Why it pays to look back when looking to the future of the energy sector

In a new report – The Future Report 2020 – we gathered the views of industry experts, including author of the original report, Professor Sam Fankhauser, Arjan Geveke from BEIS and Robert Buckley from Cornwall Insight to debate the technologies, investment and policy needed to reach net zero, and the role business will play.

In the short to medium term, the experts agreed that while the immediate attention will be on the post-Covid-19 recovery – a time when ‘cash will be king’ – the focus should also be on using the green economy to stimulate this recovery, arguing that it is an opportunity for the government to use net zero by 2050 to accelerate the sustainability projects that will cement a more resilient economic future.

Longer term – net zero by 2050 is the target all the contributors were focussed on. While they agreed that it was an ambitious target, all believed that it was possible if major strategic decisions around the investment in technologies, incentives for renewables and changes to the structure of the system are taken in the next five years. CCS, hydrogen, battery storage and electric vehicles were all cited as technologies that would make the biggest impact on the UK’s decarbonisation goals.

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