Engerati | Current offshore wind pipeline falls short of 40GW by 2030 target

The total offshore wind capacity would reach only 29.7GW by 2030. This takes into account even if all current offshore wind sites with leasing are developed in the coming years. The figures come from our latest report from our ‘Renewables pipeline tracker service’.

The report currently tracks 22 sites across both floating and fixed foundation technologies. Many of which are looking to progress through the upcoming Contracts for Difference (CfD) Allocation Round 4.

Assuming all prospective sites with seabed leasing are built, the current pipeline will fall well short of the 40GW by 2030 target recently reiterated by government. In fact, this would start falling by the end of the decade as the earliest offshore wind sites under the Renewables Obligation start to reach the end of their economic life. Increasing the pipeline of prospective offshore wind sites is, therefore, a priority if we are to reach the 40GW ambition. Critical to the pipeline will be upcoming seabed leasing rounds in 2021.

Lucy Dolton, Analyst