Current News | Great Britain must ‘hone and optimise network flexibility’, says Cornwall Insight

Market design amidst global energy transition insight paper was cited in Current News. The report found that Great Britain must “hone and optimise network flexibility” as decarbonisation objectives ramp up.

The report focuses on the Australian, Irish and Great Britain and concluded that all three markets are set to see increasing levels of low carbon generation, system operators and stakeholders are likely to “continually evaluate their respective market structures and designs in order to cope with and alleviate issues around locational congestion and grid stability

Gareth Miller, CEO of Cornwall Insight, said that across all three markets, renewable projects are often located away from the traditional infrastructure that is closer to demand, and as renewables continue to grow “the networks will need to transition from being demand-centric to more supply orientated”.

Both system operators and stakeholders will need to continually evaluate their market structures and designs to alleviate issues surrounding locational congestion and grid stability. Each market is at very different stages in the process in trying to improve any problems implementing solutions to allow for higher efficiencies in renewable energy integration.

Gareth Miller, CEO

Current News