Pixie Energy comments on: Citizen Advice Scotland’s energy switching figures

Pixie Energy looks further into the ‘huge variation’ in energy switching in Scotland. With figures* showing that residents of local authorities in the north of Scotland tending to switch energy supply far less frequently than elsewhere in Scotland.

In fact, Pixie Energy’s research into these figures show that of the top ten local authorities with the highest incidence of supplier switching, only two are in the north.

Ken McRae, General Manager at Pixie Energy said:

“Switching rates in Scotland are only slightly less than the UK average; however, there is a significant disparity across Scotland in the rates at which households switch their energy supplier. With residents in the north switching energy far less frequently, despite the potential savings available.

“Historically, rural and island areas had a limited choice of tariffs, but now a similar number of tariffs are available to customers in these areas as are available to customers in the central and southern region.

“As further research from Pixie Energy shows, tariffs available in the north of Scotland are, on average, only £35 more expensive than those available in the south of Scotland.

“Additionally, 85.1% of households in northern Scotland have an account with a larger supplier, who typically offer more expensive deals than several other independent suppliers. These households stand to make significant savings on their energy bills.

“In fact, our research shows that a household on the highest Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) in the North of Scotland switching to the lowest SVT available could potentially save £805.

“According to BEIS statistics released last year, 11% of households in England in 2016 were in fuel poverty – significantly less than the 1 in 4 Scotland**. Unfortunately, it seems those less likely to switch are the ones who are the most likely to gain from the process.”


Notes to Editors

*Citizen Advice Scotland – https://www.cas.org.uk/news/new-data-shows-huge-differences-across-scotland-energy-switching-rates – 21.1.19

** Scottish Government – https://www.gov.scot/publications/scottish-house-condition-survey-2017-key-findings/ – 4.12.18

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Pixie Energy was set up in 2015 to promote change in GB energy market, to the benefit of consumers and communities. It seeks to explore and support commercial innovation and new entry in local energy markets based around smart, flexible technologies.