Pixie Energy comments on Green Alliance’s Reinventing Retrofit report

In Green Alliance’s latest report, Reinventing Retrofit*, the UK’s housing stock was deemed to be one of the least energy efficient in Europe. The report outlined the necessary actions that need to be taken to help improve the energy efficiency of UK households.

The Energiesprong scheme, initiated by the Dutch government, was recommended in the report as a way for the UK to tackle to its energy efficiency problem. The scheme was highly successful in achieving better household energy efficiency in the Netherlands and typically involves a new thermally efficient façade, solar PV roof and ‘energy hub’ which includes air or ground source heat pumps and optional batteries.

Ken McRae, General Manager at Pixie Energy said:

“The UK has shown good intentions with a target to upgrade all homes to EPC band C standard by 2035. However, this is still a long way off with 71% in need of an upgrade to this standard – something that seems to be unlikely according to this report.

“The main current (ECO) and previous efficiency schemes (CERT and CESP) have targeted low-cost installation measures such as cavity wall and loft installation. This is now present in 60% of UK homes and leaves more hard-to-treat homes.

“It is these hard-to-treat homes that the proposed Dutch Energiesprong scheme looks to address by providing a ‘whole-house model’ and setting standards to achieve net zero energy homes. Through the implementation of a similar approach in the UK, it is estimated that carbon reductions could meet the targets within the fifth carbon budget.

“Given that 2.55 million households** in England are considered in fuel poverty, the benefits of a similar approach will be far wider than just reaching national carbon targets. If this scheme was rolled out to this vulnerable group, it could help those in most need to have warmer homes for less cost.

“Energy efficiency is something that we all have to think seriously about. This report makes it very clear that without new innovative approaches to energy efficiency and funding, the UK will fall short of meeting its long-term carbon targets and in reducing energy bills.”


Notes to Editors

*Green Alliance – Reinventing Retrofit – https://www.green-alliance.org.uk/resources/reinventing_retrofit.pdf

**Figures related to 2016, published by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in June 2018.

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