PV Europe | 48.9GW of new renewables projects currently in the scoping stages

Our research that shows Renewables projects labelled as “scoping” currently represents 50% or 48.9GW of the total viable pipeline capacity featured in PV Europe. Of this 48.9GW “scoping” total, 38.6GW is from offshore wind, 5.0GW from battery projects, 3.0GW from onshore wind and 1.5GW from solar PV. This

Lucy Dolton Analyst at Cornwall Insight commented that While there is no guarantee that all these projects will ultimately come to fruition, tracking these projects will only become more prudent as we look beyond Allocation Round Four (AR4) of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme.

With a growing pipeline that is technology and capacity diverse, there are differences in how long it takes for projects to move through their respective planning processes.

Lucy Dolton