PV Europe | Renewable generator revenues fall due to COVID-19 lockdown

Our research highlighting a fall in renewable generator revenues has fallen due to the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown was featured in PV Europe. Captured wholesale prices for solar PV and wind have been the lowest of all observed technologies. In April, average captured prices were £19.6/MWh and £19.5/MWh for solar and wind respectively.

Cornwall Insight’s Team Lead Tim Dixion explained that while the picture may appear bleak those generators exposed to wholesale revenues will be feeling varying degrees of impact depending on how they have hedged and traded their power.

Generators have experienced significantly reduced revenues during the COVID-19 outbreak, as a result of a significant decline in wholesale prices. Solar and wind technologies, in particular, have seen these impacts exacerbated as price cannibalisation worsens amid low demand levels.

Tim Dixon, Wholesale Team Lead

PV Europe