PV Magazine Australia | The NEM saw 25% renewable generation in March

Cornwall Insight Australia’s Lumi Adisa was quoted by PV Magazine discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on energy demand in the NEM. He explained that it might be too early to tell the full impact of the pandemic has had across the sector.

Lumi explained that there is currently sufficient data has not yet been collected to make a call on the impact of Covid-19 on the energy sector. For a proper analysis to take place metrics beyond demand; such as prices and supply, including ‘prosumers’ with rooftop solar will need to be included

All in all, given the intricate dependencies between all sectors of the economy, a true estimate of the impact of this pandemic on the energy sector would require a much broader and dynamic spectrum of analysis.

Lumi Adisa, Lead Consultant – Market Analysis and Business

PV Magazine Australia