Smart Energy International | The effects of lockdown on the balancing mechanism

Cornwall Insight research highlighting the Balancing Mechanism actions doubling compared to the same time last year was featured in article by Smart Energy International.

Overall, across the two months, 7.1TWh of actions were accepted compared to 3.3TWh in April and May 2019. Accepted bid volumes (i.e. to reduce generation) in May rose from 0.80TWh in 2019 to 1.86TWh in 2020.

Lee Drummee explained that any of these actions have not been taken to match supply and demand purely, but also to manage an imperfect system and maintain stable operating conditions. 

It will be interesting to see how the easing of lockdown restrictions impacts activity in the balancing mechanism going forwards, or if the operational challenges will remain at current levels.

Lee Drummee, Analyst

Smart Energy International