Current News | Yellowhammer report: ‘Rapid’ SEM split could trigger ‘significant’ Ireland power price hike

Conall Bolger Head of Ireland talked to Liam Stoker at Current News about the impacts of the Yellowhammer report. The report highlighted that a no-deal Brexit could cause a “significant” increase in electricity prices in Ireland and force some suppliers to exit the market, government documents have revealed.

Conall explained that a split in the SEM would mean that instead of electricity being supplied on an all-island basis, it would large be provided within individual jurisdictions. This would stand to make the respective pools of competing generators smaller, diluting competition in these markets.

if we do see price spikes, the Northern Irish retail market could potentially be vulnerable to supplier exits. Particularly, from smaller suppliers who may be more exposed. In this scenario, customer supply should be protected due to the regulations in place, but the prices paid for power could rise.

Conall Bolger, Head of Ireland

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