Regulation and policy

Cornwall Insight provides a detailed understanding of the ever-changing policy and regulatory environment in the energy sector. Our experts are able to offer unique insights and strategic support, helping you keep on top of all the changes that will impact your business.

We review all consultations, code modifications, critical policy decisions and industry meetings, so you don’t have to, providing a one-stop-shop for all regulatory updates.

We have supported clients across the industry with analysis, research, and commentary by arming them with the necessary policy and regulation information to prevent unpleasant surprises in a constantly changing space.

Our experts, through each service, aim to give you the tools to understand what the implications of changes might be for your business and what actions you might need to mitigate risks and prepare for future challenges.

How we can help


Cornwall Insight’s Consultancy team has a deep understanding and broad experience of the policy and regulatory activity within the GB market. We utilise this to support clients across the piece, from feeding into the knowledge of future potential charges and payments for generation sites to compliance assessments of suppliers and supporting modifications through the industry change process.


Our forums allow you to talk to our experts and hear their thoughts on the latest regulation and policy space developments. External experts from organisations across government, Ofgem, and network companies also attend and speak on important and topical subjects.

Insight services

We provide a detailed but easy to understand overview of key industry developments. Our experts analyse any changes ensuring that you are kept up to date on developments in the sector, and that important issues are not overlooked.

Learning and development

Our training courses combine both theory and practice learning so the attendees can quickly and easily understand the issues being presented. We offer a full range of courses for those just starting their energy career or more advanced levels.