British Gas

  • Home supply and services

    The competition is on in the domestic energy market

    It is difficult to deny that the Big Six have faced significant competitive pressure in the domestic market over the course of the year. Despite the 11 domestic market exits recorded since January 2019, new entry, new propositions and revitalised sales channels have resulted in some of the highest switching...

  • Regulation and policy

    Are IDNOs margins about to be squeezed?

    Earlier this month, voting closed on a potential rule change that could have important consequences for the network charges faced by electricity Licenced Distribution Network Operators (LDNOs), including independent network operators (IDNOs). DCUSA proposal DCP266 The Calculation and Application of IDNO Discounts was raised by British Gas in March 2016...

  • Regulation and policy

    JR goes in BG’s favour – should you be dancing?

    On Wednesday, Ofgem’s default tariff cap hit the headlines as the Office of National Statistics announced that the lowering of the cap had contributed to UK inflation reaching a three-year low. However, it was a decision issued later in the day that will have greater significance to the industry. The...