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  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Glory Days – T-1 auction clears at £45/kW

    To say the T-1 Capacity Market (CM) auction clearing at £45/kW per year was a surprise feels like an understatement. It looks like a major windfall for successful participants in the auction –  many are asking just what happened? Easy money Until February, it looked like prices would clear at...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    The next episode: Qualification for T-4 Capacity auction

    The final qualification results for the upcoming 2023/24 T-4 Capacity Auction were published on the 3 April. In this week’s blog, we consider what these qualification results tell us. Click here to view full article

  • Low carbon generation

    Irish Capacity Market raises constraining questions

    The new Irish Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM) T-1 auction was held on the 15th of December. In this week's blog, we examine the results that were published by Eirgrid and SONI on the 26th January. The auction cleared at 38,104.88 £/MW or 41,800.00€/MW with 100 Capacity Market Units submitting an...