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  • Regulation and policy

    How are domestic suppliers expected to serve their customers during COVID-19?

    With the COVID-19 pandemic taking centre stage of late, here we consider how domestic suppliers are responding to the outbreak and how this could affect their day-to-day compliance. Amid the ever-mounting pressure on suppliers due to COVID-19, licensees have been promised pragmatism by the regulator in its approach to compliance....

  • Regulation and policy

    Editor’s Pick | BEIS announces new measures to protect PPM customers

    New measures are being introduced to protect prepayment meter (PPM) customers during the Covid-19 outbreak, BEIS announced on 19 March. PPM customers, who may not be able to add credit can speak to their supplier about options to keep them supplied. This could include nominating a third party for credit top...

  • Home supply and services

    Same as it ever was – I-SEM transition and the domestic retail market

    Up to ten weeks ago we would have expected to be a full week into the new I-SEM wholesale market. Most commentary on the I-SEM delay has focused on the impact on market systems and generators, but what of electricity suppliers? The transition to I-SEM offers an opportunity for tariff...